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Raising Awareness on World Down Syndrome Day

If you’ve been touched by someone with Down syndrome, you’ve felt the bright light they shine. So let’s celebrate them, as well as those who love them and care for them, by shining a light on what Down syndrome is and a few of the
Offering Employee Matching Donations with Selflessly

Simplifying Employee Matching Donations

Employee Matching Donations are one of the most popular examples of corporate social responsibility among companies, staff, and the nonprofits they support. Offering such a program results in elevated employee engagement, unique cause marketing opportunities, improved brand image, substantial tax benefits, and more. Therefore, simplifying


Explaining Corporate Social Responsibility 

Corporate Social Responsibility: The What, Why, & How  Get the lowdown on corporate social responsibility with this comprehensive guide. Our Selflessly Team will discuss what it is, why it matters, and how to start adopting CSR in your organization. We expand beyond simply Philanthropy and

Selflessly Launches Auto-Submit Match Requests

Selflessly Helps Make Donation Matching Easier with w/ Double the Donation Integration As a donor and employee, you want your charitable gifts to go as far as possible for the nonprofits you support. As a donor who works for a company that offers employee matching

develop and launch your CSR initiatives

Is Corporate Social Responsibility Still Important?

Is Corporate Social Responsibility Still Important?      You bet! Employees will always want to help others. They will look to your team and work family to provide that connection and space to give back. Companies will always need to look to hire the best
Selflessly Corporate Philanthropy and End of Year Giving

Year-End Social Impact Initiatives for Companies

Let’s check out some year-end social impact initiatives! Did you know that the end of the calendar year is one of the most impactful times for nonprofit causes of all shapes and sizes? Or that companies like yours can get involved in social impact initiatives

Giving Tuesday Examples

Giving Tuesday Philanthropy Examples

If you are starting to think about Giving Tuesday Philanthropy Examples, you’ve come to the right place! One could argue it’s too soon to start thinking about giving and volunteering this holiday season, yet we know how quickly it comes. Now is a great time

Volunteer Grants

Building a Case: Matching Gifts & Volunteer Grants

Many more companies are beginning to offer corporate giving programs, which is so exciting! However, thousands have yet to dive into these offerings and begin leveraging the vast benefits being made available. Whether you’re an employee of a company that needs a nudge to increase

The Best Tips to Actually Improve Productivity

The Best Tips to Actually Improve Your Productivity

Our team chats with a lot of leaders each week. We hear from Team & Culture, HR, and DEIJ Leaders that are in the office and many that are working from home.  Regardless, we hear similar sentiments ultimately wondering how to improve your productivity. These

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