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A turnkey software solution for corporate philanthropy.

Turnkey Philanthropy and Corporate Social Responsibility

Segment is the best infrastructure for your customer data.

We're your sidekick to philanthropy.

We’ll help you easily create, manage, and track all of your company giving. With you can accelerate your team’s social impact and give your way. for Workplace Giving

Employees & Companies can Donate to any charity

Because we love you, we’ll even automate your matching donations ☺ Super selfless….ly

Explore Workplace Giving for Volunteer Time Off (VTO)

Employee-Driven & Company-Empowered VTO

Simple tools to track individual employee volunteers & create group volunteer activities for your staff. Because helping others makes us happier people ☺ darn it!

Explore Volunteer Time Off for In-Kind Contributions

Product / Service Donations Grants, & Sponsorships

You’ve got it – they need it. You already make & sell great things. You probably already give some of it away for good causes. We’ll help you manage distribution to causes you and your employees care about ☺

Explore Donation Management for Impact Reporting

Purpose-Focused & Authentically Tracked

You and your employees are totes awesome and SIDE NOTE – you’re making an impact! We’ll help you measure all the good
y’all do. So tell everyone about it… but, only if you want to ☺ #humble

Explore Donation Management

Social Impact Matters

Consumers who would pay a premium to purchase  from a company that is making a larger social impact

Job Seekers who are actively seeking employment with a socially conscious company.

Current Employees who feel their employers behave ethically in making business decisions

The platform not only supports an employee’s choice for volunteering, but also provides a means to track contributions, taking the burden of tracking off of any one individual in the organization. With minimal administrative oversight, the platform greatly simplifies the process of offering and tracking volunteer time off.

Christine McDonnell
Co-founder & CEO – Codelicious

It is clear that more people are expecting their employers to provide benefits to the community as well as to their employee. Working with is a natural fit for CICF. Our goals and culture align, providing access to corporation social impact for companies with as few as six employees or thousands.

Rob MacPherson
VP Development & Strategy – CICF

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