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Employee Vitals | Social Impact Assessment

Employee engagement with a heart.

Boost your employer brand, tap into employees individual giving preferences to increase workplace engagement with Employee Vitals. Take the first step in developing a corporate philanthropy program designed with real employee feedback. Get a free consultation today!

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A  Purpose-Driven Culture Built on Employee Preferences

Use Employee Vitals, an online survey tool designed to help increase employee participation and engagement. Learn about your employees community engagement and wellness preferences, and help employees discover their own “social impact personality types” in the process. Design your corporate social impact programs informed and driven by your employees.

Identify Your Social Impact Culture Types

Elevate the conversation from giving and volunteering to employee wellbeing.

Get Employer-Driven Data Points

With a solution designed to tailor measurements to employer’s needs.

Demonstate Value To Every Stakeholder

We help break down employer brand dissonance & help you avoid “cram down”.

Employee Preferences

Employee-Powered Corporate Giving Cultures

Life, community, and wellness converge with work in today’s socially-connected, community-conscious, technology-driven world. Everything has changed about the way employees think about their employers and their jobs. We help you understand what these changes mean to your company and culture.

“Our employees appreciated the Social Impact Survey and the opportunity to provide feedback. Additionally, our management team has been able to capture and leverage data-driven insights about our employees’ social impact behaviors. Overall, the social impact data has allowed us to become very focused in our charitable giving initiatives.”

Brian Moriarty
VP Corporate Communications

Delivering Rich Employee Data & Insights

  • Uplifting, mobile-friendly diagnostic to instantly boost employee morale and easily share positive results with your whole company.
  • Discover the Social Impact Culture Type influencing your workforce.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to the integration of life, community and wellness in the workplace.
  • Quickly identify tweaks to your engagement programs to drive better results.
  • Get powerful infographics that make it easy to celebrate what your employees care about.
  • Enhance–and do not disrupt–engagement with your programs and surveys that are already in place and working well.
  • Flexible terminology for companies that don’t use the word “employees”.

Discover your approach to life, community, and wellness with the Employee Vitals diagnostic.

Get Results, Fast.

Launch your diagnostic within 48hours, with results delivered within two weeks of launch. The full package includes the diagnostic, report with the full set of results, plus infographics to make it easy to celebrate what your employees care about.

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Selflessly + Employee Vitals

Corporate Social Responsibility Program Development & Consultation With An All-in-one Giving Platform

Explore Selflessly

“Our goal has been to break down the barriers of strategic giving and to give employees choice on how they want to create impact. Now, we can give our partners and their employees unique tools to really ‘own’ their impact and lean into how they can continue to contribute in an inclusive way. Think of it like the Meyers Briggs of philanthropy and the data that is created through the tool adds a new dimension of a company and employee’s role in corporate citizenship.”

Josh Driver
CEO, Selflessly

Get started with Selflessly today and build your purpose-driven brand.

We’ll send you a request to get a free demo and we’ll also give $25 to a charity of your choice, just for talking to us.

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