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Auto-Submit Match Requests with Selflessly’s Double the Donation Integration

Auto-Submit Match Requests w/ Selflessly’s Double the Donation Integration

As a donor and employee, you want your charitable gifts to go as far as possible for the organizations you support. As a donor who works for a company that offers employee matching gifts, getting your donation matched can be a great way to do it.

However, the donation matching process itself has been a bit of a question mark for employees looking to participate but are not sure how.

With Selflessly and Double the Donation, that ends now! With new auto-submission functionality made possible by a seamless integration between Selflessly and Double the Donation, getting a gift matched has never been easier.

Thousands of charitable organizations and educational institutions utilize Double the Donation’s matching gift automation tools to promote workplace giving opportunities and guide supporters through the process. As a donor completes an online donation to the nonprofit of their choice, they are likely prompted to enter their employing company’s name to uncover their matching gift eligibility.

Upon submitting their gift, the user is redirected to a donation confirmation page, complete with detailed information about their employer’s matching gift programming. This allows them to quickly determine whether they qualify and identify the next steps.

In the past, this is where the process ended. No more visibility for the nonprofit, no further guidance for the user, and lowered utilization rates for companies. Now, thanks to the pioneering partnership between Selflessly and Double the Donation, an eligible donor is simply asked to enter their corporate email address using an embedded widget in the confirmation screen. Then, by checking the included box, the employee authorizes Double the Donation to submit their matching gift request to their employer through Selflessly. 

That’s it! The rest is handled automatically by Selflessly with the submission able to be reviewed and verified as usual – the end goal of the gift match being approved by the employing company and dispersing funds to the organization with ease and speed. Employees will be able to see all their information as usual on the Selflessly dashboard. You will be able to see how many dollars your company has matched, and how many dollars you have left to use in employee matching donations. 

As Double the Donation continues making improvements to this innovative project, Selflessly is dedicated to assisting as a trailblazing partner through the development process. Keep an eye out for updates on auto-submission with Selflessly and Double the Donation as we continually make improvements to the process! 

Selflessly is dedicated to making matching donations as easy as possible for employees and their Culture Team leaders. This integration is another step Selflessly has made to encourage employee engagement in giving back and social impact. We’re excited to continue to help others make a difference.

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