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Matching Gift Examples

Employee Matching Gift Examples

In this article, we’ll review a few employee matching gift examples. If you’re new to employee matching gifts, we just posted the basics of employee matching. Feel free to review both posts for a successful corporate matching gift program. If you still have questions, reach

Employee Matching Gifts

Tips for a Successful Employee Matching Gifts Campaign

If you’re new to employee matching gifts, you’re in the right place! We’ll help walk you through the basics. If you’re experienced with employee matching gifts, you may still want to keep reading!  Why? Because our friends at Double the Donation, mention that only 7%

Corporate Volunteer Program

How to Start a Volunteer Program

How to Start a Volunteer Program: A gener8tor Case Study Learning how to start a volunteer program at work can be difficult. However, with an awesome employee champion and some help from Selflessly, a successful employee volunteer program is easily in reach.  We recently caught

Types of Corporate Social Responsibility

Types of Corporate Social Responsibility

A measure of success in today’s world includes corporate social responsibility. As a leader, you weave corporate social responsibility (CSR) in your company plans. You are thinking about your brand image with respect to CSR. You are thinking about your employees and your company mission.

Volunteer Policy

Creating an Employee Volunteer Policy

Create or review your employee volunteer policy today! As your team grows and more employees ask about your company’s social responsibility, it’s a great time to review your initiatives. Volunteering as teammates is awesome for employee engagement. Yet, without a volunteer policy, you may find

Holiday Philanthropy Examples

Holiday Philanthropy Examples: Adopt a Family

One of the most common holiday philanthropy examples is adopting a family! Adopting families is a great way to give back during the holidays. You can absolutely do this all year round if you are able, yet this is especially present during the holiday season. 

5 Quick Steps to Start Corporate Giving & Volunteering

If you are looking to start a Corporate Giving or Employee Volunteering program, kudos to you! We’ll chat through 5 quick steps to starting a corporate philanthropy program. Whether your team has something currently or did in the past, here’s a first step to ensure


Employee Volunteer Time Off – Make it Paid!

Welcome to November! As we progress towards the holiday season, it’s important to think of others. We are reminded to be selfless. It’s common to reflect on our position and how we can support family, friends, and those around us. This is a great time

charity vs. philanthropy

Philanthropy vs Charity: The Subtle Difference

Did you know there was a difference in philanthropy vs charity? That’s right! However,  it is subtle, so don’t worry if you don’t know it.  Naturally, we associate positive images with philanthropy and charity. Likely, we believe both help others and both are beneficial for

10 Ways to Do Good

Let’s find some ways to do good today!  Everyone feels better when they do good. We can engage employees and help employees recharge by providing each other 10 ways to do good.  Think of those times you helped someone else. Awesome, right?! That’s the thought

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