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Our story

About Selflessly.

A unique company that was designed by selfless people to help the world become a better place.

How We Began

Like many other selfless people, Josh Driver (co-founder and CEO of Selflessly) supports multiple nonprofits throughout his community. He even started his own nonprofit in 2015 – Open to All in order to help people of all identities find local retail shops that were open to all people. Diversity and inclusion are so important for us, and are founding principles at Selflessly.

While working as a innovation leader at his corporate job, Josh discovered many barriers to engage his fellow employees in giving back and social impact. He wanted to create an inclusive and engaged culture, yet was challenged as each employee has specific causes they care about and want to support. He found some expensive solutions that were not engaging for all employees.

So he decided Selflessly was needed!

A better, more inclusive option for all employees to support their favorite causes. Taking time to volunteer individually, requesting an employee matching gift, or setting up a day of service. Options for everyone!

In 2017, Josh won the Techpoint MIRA Community Champion of the Year Award for his nonprofit work with Open for Service (aka. Open for All). He even worked with the City of Indianapolis to create a volunteer connection platform. This was the start of our “It’s My City” Campaign and Indy Do Day – a city-wide volunteer day in the fall of each year. Done in combination with Rotary Club of Indianapolis.

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