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Shining a Spotlight on Transgender Visibility Day

International Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV) is a day to celebrate transgender people and raise awareness about the discrimination they face.

The day was first observed in 2009 and was created by transgender activist Rachel Crandall in response to the lack of visibility of transgender people in society. The day aims to celebrate the accomplishments of transgender people and increase their visibility in mainstream society.

TDOV is an important day for the transgender community, as it helps to bring attention to the issues they face and highlights the importance of transgender rights. It is also a day to support and uplift the voices of transgender people, and to recognize the contributions they make to society. Here are a few you may recognize…

  1. Laverne Cox – an actress, producer, and LGBTQ+ advocate, best known for her role in the TV series “Orange is the New Black”. She is also the first transgender person to be nominated for an Emmy in an acting category.
  2. Caitlyn Jenner – an Olympic gold medalist and reality TV star, who came out as transgender in 2015 and has since become a prominent advocate for transgender rights.
  3. Chaz Bono – an actor, author, and advocate, who is the son of entertainers Sonny and Cher. He is known for his advocacy work on behalf of the transgender community.
  4. Janet Mock – a writer, TV host, and transgender rights activist, who has written several books and produced the TV series “Pose”. She is also a contributing editor for Marie Claire magazine.
  5. Andreja Pejic – a model and actress, who was the first openly transgender model to be profiled by Vogue magazine. She has also appeared in campaigns for numerous high-profile fashion brands.

On TDOV, people around the world show their support for the transgender community by wearing the colors of the transgender flag, organizing events and rallies, and sharing stories and resources about transgender issues on social media. The day also serves as an opportunity to educate others about the experiences of transgender people and to promote acceptance and understanding.

Whether you know someone who identifies as transgender or not, our hope is that you open your heart and mind to the understanding that we each walk a unique path, none better than any other.

Here are five transgender nonprofits that you may consider donating to:


Trans Lifeline – Link to Donate / Support

A non-profit organization that provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to transgender and non-binary individuals. Donations help fund their hotline and peer support services.


The Trevor Project – Link to Donate / Support

A national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ+ youth, including transgender and non-binary individuals. Donations help fund their 24/7 hotline and other support services.


Transgender Law Center – Link to Donate / Support

A legal advocacy organization that works to change laws and policies that discriminate against transgender and gender non-conforming people. Donations help fund their legal programs and policy advocacy work.


National Center for Transgender Equality – Link to Donate / Support

A social justice organization that advocates for policy change and social equality for transgender people. Donations help fund their research, policy advocacy, and public education efforts.


Black Trans Advocacy Coalition – Link to Donate / Support

A national organization that advocates for the rights and empowerment of Black transgender and gender non-conforming individuals. Donations help fund their programs and services, including their annual conference.


Additional Ideas?
There are many other worthy organizations that support transgender individuals and their communities. It’s important to research and choose an organization that aligns with your values and priorities. If you have a favorite nonprofit, let us know! You can reach us on chat at Selflessly or send an email to [email protected].
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