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Successful Launch! OnBoard’s Corporate Giving Program

OnBoard is off to a successful start implementing Selflessly! Their team goal is to make giving back the new standard through cooperative community outreach and demonstrating a commitment beyond ourselves – that’s what it means to be a Pathfinder! By coming together to participate in something larger than ourselves, we can build a more equitable world that works better for everyone.

OnBoard is the first board intelligence platform, a deliberate evolution of what board management software can offer. With a solution that makes it easier to coordinate, communicate and collaborate, boards are free to focus on realizing their ambitions for the organizations they govern.

As they joined Pledge 1% — a movement to inspire individuals and companies to donate their time, product, and profit to charitable causes throughout their community and across the globe — OnBoard wanted a way to track their impact and encourage employee engagement.

Previously, Corporate Giving Management was a Challenge

Philanthropy was previously managed via Microsoft Teams and email. Not so enjoyable, and rather difficult to encourage employees to participate. Not to mention getting any insight into their efforts! We see this with many teams looking to expand their impact.

Naturally, this way was a bit inefficient, but also it did not provide management with the analytics their organization is passionate about. “We wanted to be able to track volunteering and giving, measure the impact, and report back to our employees,” said Nancy Gutwein, Director of People Operations at OnBoard.

Migrating an Internal Process to a Technology Platform

The decision was made to implement Selflessly during the Pandemic when all of their employees were working from home. OnBoard’s corporate philanthropy program involved creating a Corporate Social Responsibility Steering Committee to determine how they would roll out Selflessly to their 150 remote employees. It was decided that they would create cross-functional teams within Selflessly and create a friendly competition to gamify the rollout. Every quarter, the team with the largest number of volunteer hours completed, either individually or together, would receive additional funds to donate to the nonprofit of their choice.

As part of their philanthropy program, every employee receives 24 hours of employee Volunteer Time Off (VTO) to be utilized at any point during the year. Each employee can volunteer with the causes they care most about!

Additionally, as a way to incentivize their employees to utilize Selflessly, they provided each employee with $50 in Impact Dollars. What is Impact Dollars?! Glad you asked. Impact Dollars act like a virtual bank account within Selflessly; each employee is given company allocated dollars & can decide where they’d like to donate those dollars.

How OnBoard Uses Selflessly

It should be pretty obvious by now that we adore and are inspired by the impact OnBoard’s team has made. Let’s highlight several philanthropy examples that this #rockstar company implemented:

Our employees are able to search Selflessly’s vast database of nonprofits to use their Impact Dollars and make donations to organizations near and dear to their hearts. Additionally, they can search Selflessly for local volunteer opportunities, create group volunteer events, and even organize a Day of Service. “With analytics being so important to our organization, our Selflessly dashboard enables us to track the number of VTO hours utilized and Impact Dollars spent.”

Regarding their impact reporting and future Corporate Social Responsibility goals, Gutwein says that they’d like to have their employees complete 3,000 VTO hours by the end of 2021 and 80% of the Impact Dollars utilized. An awesome goal for employee engagement that helps when management is onboard (pun, intended!).

Jillian Walker, Customer Success Manager and one of the key stakeholders, has created Philanthropy Friday posts. Whether posting on (Microsoft) Teams, Slack, or other internal messaging, these announcements ensure that Selflessly remains top of mind for OnBoard employees, and helps to celebrate their success throughout the year.

As businesses and more of their employees get back into the office in Central Indiana, the OnBoard team looks forward to including more onsite volunteer opportunities, building their community, and employee engagement.

About OnBoard & Passageways

Passageways is the parent company of OnBoard & OnSemble. Founded on the campus of Purdue University in 2003, Passageways is an inclusive organization that strives to provide world-class software, service, security, and support. Today they serve more than 2,000 organizations and their 12,000 boards and committees in 32 countries worldwide.

About Selflessly

Selflessly is a software that helps HR leaders create philanthropic programs for their employees. We want to increase social impact. We do this by rapidly building technology to connect great resources to great organizations. Our software provides everything an HR leader needs to create the program and engage their employees. At, we partner with great companies, platforms, and people to provide even better services. is Indiana’s first dual Certified B Corp and Domestic Benefit Corporation. We are excited to help further the discussion on business as a force for good. Contact us today to start giving back.

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