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Author: Josh Driver

Successful Launch! OnBoard’s Corporate Giving Program

OnBoard is off to a successful start implementing Selflessly! Their team goal is to make giving back the new standard through cooperative community outreach and demonstrating a commitment beyond ourselves – that’s what it means to be a Pathfinder! By coming together to participate in

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Leading By Example: First Person Advisors + Selflessly

Culture within businesses is becoming increasingly dependent on its engagement with community. As a result, community engagement has become synonymous with corporate social responsibility. In a recent study, 84% of employees would donate more if matching was applied to their donation. Many companies, like First


Indianapolis, IN: Serve Indiana and Indianapolis-based Certified B Corporation, have announced a partnership. In response to the impact that CoVid-19 is having on nonprofits and charitable organizations, is opening their platform to nonprofits at no cost. Serve Indiana and have collaborated on


Indianapolis, IN: Women & Hi Tech and Indianapolis-based Certified B Corporation, have announced a partnership. How to get talented people in front of new opportunities to help nonprofits? Members have access to volunteer opportunities that they wouldn’t normally — giving talents back to the

CICF Announces Partnership with Selflessly

Indianapolis, IN: The Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF) and Indianapolis-based Certified B Corporation, have announced a partnership. CICF is providing fiduciary support as a not for profit partner for meaning that all charitable contributions made via the platform will pass through CICF.

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The Benefits of Corporate Giving

First, it’s important to keep in mind that there are several different types of corporate giving or corporate philanthropy. You also opt to issue funds to other smaller companies in your community so that the two of you can accomplish local goals together (i.e. feeding

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