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Corporate Giving & Volunteering Software

Give back Selflessly.

Looking for a new Workplace Giving Initiative?
At Selflessly, we’re here to support your purpose-driven culture. Employees love being able to match donations, volunteer as a team, support campaigns, & create community impact together!

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Easy to launch — No stress!

Increase your team’s Employee Engagement!

Easily include of all of your social impact initiatives under one, central umbrella. If your team’s values include giving back, volunteering, and/or supporting the community — look no further!

Easy, Inclusive

Employees can easily support their favorite causes. Create a recurring donation, use payroll deductions, or launch a company giving campaigns — all while freeing up staff time!


Create volunteer activities as a team. Easily connect employees to thousands of volunteer opportunities, both remote and in-person.

Match Donations
In Minutes

Everything you need to set up and automate an employee matching gift program. Simply approve the employee match request and we do the rest! 


Easily take real-time data and share it with leadership. Our reporting will help you visualize your team’s engagement and impact!

No Charges for Extra Features!

All Features are included!

Employee Donation Matching

Payroll Deductions

Recurring Donations

Team Volunteer Activities

Add Company Goals for Giving

Volunteer Hours & Donation Campaigns

Integrations (Slack & Teams!)

Create Company Groups from ERGs

Global Giving to Nonprofits

Donations in Global Currencies

develop and launch your CSR initiatives
Purposeful Reporting

Easily measure & optimize key metrics.

Look no further — Selflessly is an awesome benefit that will streamline giving for your operations team and your employees. Our simple dashboard and easy reporting allows you to record, measure, and share your key metrics internally and externally. Both customers & employees look to support brands that have a clear and positive impact in the world.

Access impact metrics in real time

Understand the top causes employees love to support

Easily create your annual social impact and giving report

Two-Click Employee Donations

The power of community.

Selflessly makes it easy for employees to discover aligned charities, donate on demand, track their contributions, and even prepare for tax season. Employees report feeling empowered when they give back. They desire giving to be easy. And, they feel grateful when giving programs are provided by their workplace.

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Simplified Volunteer Management

Activate generosity through volunteering.

Selflessly allows teams and individuals to find local and virtual volunteering opportunities across the VolunteerMatch database. Volunteering fosters opportunities for employees to use their business skills directly towards causes they care about or stretch and grow through new experiences.

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Seamless Matching

Run your matching program with ease.

Matching employee gifts is a simple process and happens in a few clicks. Our verified database removes time-intensive research processes. In addition, a centralized giving history makes tax time enjoyable – okay perhaps nothing can do that – but it sure is easier.

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Holistic Impact Reporting

Powerful insights and actionable data in one location.

We brought all corporate responsibility programs into one powerful platform which means you can spend less time bridging data sets, and way more time designing the powerful culture programs that boost employee engagement, retention, meaning and growth. From real-time reporting dashboard to matching tracking we provide the reporting you need to create a transformational culture of giving. 

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Switch from Spreadsheets!

What are you waiting for? A budget? Nonsense! We can work with you today. Selflessly can save 70% of your staff time making the switch from Google Docs & Excel Spreadsheets.

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The world is calling for more impactful and responsible brands.

of people say they would purchase from a purpose-driven company*
of millennials want their company to help them get more involved in their communities**
of people believe it’s no longer acceptable for companies to just make money***

Bring Selflessly to your team today. A new world of possibility awaits.

Sign up for a free demo and consultation to learn more about our software and see our unique and comprehensive features in action. Plus, in the spirit of giving, for each demo taken we’ll donate $25 dollars to a charity of your choice. (We love a good mutual win, don’t you?)

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