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Selflessly Highlights + Founder Q&A!

The Selflessly team has a few highlights! As 2022 begins, teams continue to prioritize employee engagement through their social impact initiatives. We wrote an entire article about how important CSR is in 2022. In that post, we mentioned how employees are leaving their jobs at record numbers. That continues as we head into February, 2022. We also mention how volunteering and donating as a team can help with employee engagement and retention. It’s an awesome win for teams to start a CSR and corporate philanthropy program.

In this post, we are highlighting a few excerpts of Selflessly being featured. From articles highlighting & including Selflessly to software review sites, our team is here to review the importance of corporate social impact initiatives and demonstrate how software can help HR leaders accomplish those initiatives.

First, we’ll check out the software review sites, G2, Capterra, and SourceForge. Then take a look at Double the Donation for Top Corporate Giving Software to drive employee engagement and Matching Gift Software Vendors for companies. After that, a friendly mention from Bay Leaf Digital about increasing retention rates through a noble mission! Lastly, we’ll wrap up with a mention that philanthropy is for founders at companies of all sizes in a chat with our co-founder by Help Scout!

Philanthropy is for all founders at companies of all sizes

Software Review Sites & Selflessly Q&A

Selflessly has 10 reviews on G2 and Capterra!

If you are not familiar with software review sites, feel free to check out the links below. Similar to reviews with any purchase, these sites are helpful to software buyers. These sites help aggregate software reviews to inform the purchaser.  Similar to any consumer item, reviews should not be the only factor when deciding and finalizing one’s purchase. However, the reviews can help give perspective and even raise questions in the purchasers mind that they should ask during a software demo.  The review sites we will mention are G2, Capterra, and SourceForge.

As a highlight, SourceForge recently chatted in a Q&A format with our CEO, Joshua Driver. In this article, Joshua mentions how to re-engage employees through social impact initiatives. You can see a few highlights below.


Q: As we dive into the terms corporate philanthropy and corporate social responsibility, can you give us an overview of Selflessly?

A: To give an overview of Selflessly, we created software to help HR Leaders engage employees in giving back and supporting causes they care about. Employees want purpose in the workplace and want to help others. We saw a challenge for leaders to implement and coordinate employee volunteering and employee giving campaigns.

One reason corporate philanthropy is really tough to engage employees is that each employee has their own causes they want to support. Companies need to offer employees that choice. With Selflessly, each employee has the ability to volunteer and donate to causes they care about.

Q: You mention giving employees choice? Can you expand on what you mean there and why choice is so Important?  

A: Yes, this is so important for an authentic social impact program. CSR & corporate philanthropy have evolved from a company supporting a limited number of nonprofits. Although those specific nonprofits may be important to the leadership of a company or to the founder of the company, each employee has unique causes they want to support.

Think about your favorite charity. One of mine is the Indiana Bulldog Rescue. Although incredibly near and dear to my heart, I cannot expect my whole team to only support bulldogs in their volunteer time off and their matching gifts. My co-founder, Zach, has been a big brother for 7 years. He also cannot expect every teammate to only support Big Brothers.

Though Selflessly, we give employees the choice to support any cause. We want to combine employee choice with company purpose. Of course, it is ok for an agricultural company to support food insecurity at the company level. Of course, a bioscience company can support medical research in their field at a company level. Or a tech company to support coding for disadvantaged kids & communities.

Q: Let’s wrap ups with bringing everything today from the Great Resignation to Selflessly. Could you give some company examples of how Selflessly has helped engage employees through these times?

A:  Absolutely! We love a few of the case studies we have written. Please check out our blog page. We have examples of companies launching initiatives remotely and virtually from

  • Employee Days of Service
  • Employee Matching Gifts
  • Impact Dollars or Volunteer Grants

Each of these initiatives were launched with teams during the pandemic. Since our software has everything online in a simple dashboard, employees can login and use their philanthropy benefits regardless of where in the world they may be.

One team wanted to distribute over $50K in company profits before the end of the year. They came to us in December. We said, “No Problem!” Through the Selflessly software we put money in each employee’s virtual donor bank account and the employees could donate to any nonprofit they chose. Remember, we love connecting the employee choice to the company purpose!

Q&A Wrap Up

Feel free to check us out at any of the sites!

Double the Donation

Selflessly was highlighted in Double the Donation‘s recommendation for Top Corporate Giving Software to Drive Employee Engagement and Matching Gift Software Vendors. This is a great organization that is able to help nonprofits and charities. Among other ways, their team has a product to help encourage and ease employee matching gifts. In fact, Selflessly even partnered with Double the Donation to help employees with their matching gifts.

Many times employees are not aware they even have a matching gift opportunity from their company. Through notifications from Double the Donation and Selflessly software platform, individuals can have their employee matching gift requested automatically. It’s a great partnership, as we all want to help nonprofits in their missions. Check out the links to learn more about Double the Donation, or feel free to review another article helping to further explain employee matching gifts!


Bay Leaf Digital

Knowing the importance of CSR and corporate philanthropy programs, Bay Leaf Digital found the Selflessly story and posted about us in their recent article: “5 Companies that Increase SaaS Customer Retention Rates While Pursuing a Noble Mission.” In their post they highlight the Harvard Business Review mentioning that 70% of Americans believe it’s important for companies to make the world a better place. Not only that, but also check out the Ivalua study that 69% of respondents saw increased sales as a result of CSR initiatives.

Help Scout

Help Scout published an article, called The founder’s guide to impactful philanthropy at all stages of growth where they looked at tips on how to give back and do good at all stages of growth. With our co-founder’s advice, they posted a section, Five tips for founders and SMBs building an authentic philanthropy program. A great section to review and think through better ways to engage employees in giving back. From “Make it personal” to number 5. “Rely on tools, communities, and resources.”

Check out the article link for more insight on how to grow your impact as your company grows. Additionally, feel free to ask us if you have any questions!


Questions for Selflessly? Get in Touch!

Selflessly is a certified B Corp and certified Minority Owned Business by the NGLCC. Our unique platform helps companies develop a purpose-driven culture with an easy tool that allows employees to track their giving, coordinate efforts, celebrate all the great work your team is doing, and generate actionable data to share the results.

Have a question on corporate social responsibility or thinking about new corporate philanthropy initiatives, drop us a note—we’d love to chat!

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