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Employee Matching Gift Examples

In this article, we’ll review a few employee matching gift examples. If you’re new to employee matching gifts, we just posted the basics of employee matching. Feel free to review both posts for a successful corporate matching gift program. If you still have questions, reach out to us anytime: [email protected]!

Employee Matching Gift Examples

In our first matching gift example, Glick Gives, offers dollar for dollar matching throughout the year. In addition, Glick provides a special three-to-one match on Giving Tuesday and two-to-one match during our annual Double in December campaign. Needless to say, Glick is experienced in matching employee donations. We can break down further:

  • 1-1 matching throughout the year
  • 2-1 matching throughout December
  • 3-1 matching on Giving Tuesday (first Tuesday after Thanksgiving)

One reason Glick uses this strategy is that they know how much their nonprofit partners count on year-end giving to sustain their operations. This is why they offer increased matching donations for their team members in December and on Giving Tuesday. Selflessly is proud to partner with Glick Co. and the great work they do. Glick Gives program has matched more than $525,000 in team member contributions. This includes $180,000 in 2020 in response to the pandemic and renewed calls for racial justice.  

A second employee matching example is gener8tor. Gener8tor is new to employee matching gifts yet wanted another way to engage their team in giving back. With Selflessly’s help, their team was able to take part of the gener8tor company profits and use them for employee donations.  As a newer company to offer matching gifts, gener8tor’s matching gift policy is a simply one to one match throughout the year with a cap on total dollars that can be matched!

Common examples of matching gift caps would be within a calendar year giving each employee a designated amount to match.

  • $100 per employee
  • $500 per employee
  • $1,000 per employee

Why Do Companies Have Matching Gift Programs?

Our friends at Double the Donation mention that corporate matching gifts allow donors to maximize their impact without further reaching in their own wallets to do so. The donors, or employees in this case, are able to double, triple, or quadruple their impact by involving their company’s corporate philanthropy program. This is a great way to build a connection with your team and support great causes that your employees care about!

As a company reviews each year how to support their team and community, giving back is a great way to accomplish that. As a reminder, many employees are already donating to charities. With employee matching gifts, this is a great way for leadership to create a stronger culture with their team. Employees are more likely to stay with a company that takes action and supports causes employees care about. Building a positive and socially conscious brand reputation is incredibly important.


How to Promote Employee Matching Gifts?

As an employee, you should consider asking your team lead, does my company match donations? You may find out that your team already does! That happens often as employees are not always aware of a corporate matching gift policy. As a company leader, the opposite question should also be asked. Do my employees know about our matching gift policy? Remembering from our last post, Double the Donation reported that only 7% of employees with a matching gift program actually submit a matching donation request.

At Selflessly, we are changing that dramatically! Through our software, each employee sees their matching dollar allotment in their account. Further, our software sends gentle reminders for employees to use their company matching gift allotment. Then, seamlessly, the employee can make 2-click donations and send a matching gift request to company leadership. This can all be approved same day. Then an employee’s favorite nonprofit will receive double the impact! This allows each employee to help make a greater impact. Whether through gener8tor’s help or Glick Co or your company. You can read more about gener8tor’s corporate social impact program at our blog here.

Connect with Us

If you have questions about implementing a matching gift program at your company, reach out! This is an awesome way to provide your employees the space to support causes they care about. Further you’ll double their impact with company matching donations. 

The Selflessly software can help ease all functions of a corporate giving program — from volunteering to donating to matching gifts. Reach out any time. We created an affordable Social Impact Software solution so all teams, regardless of size, can better engage their employees. Send us a note about expanding your corporate volunteering and giving program today! [email protected]

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