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What Are You Waiting For?! Start your Corporate Philanthropy

Why Corporate Philanthropy

As of today, 2020 has been a year to remember; wildfires in Australia, Covid-19, the rise of a social justice movement, and possibly many more startling events to come. With the world being in such a state of limbo right now as we all wait for a grand solution to reveal itself and save the day, there is no better time than now for businesses and companies of all sizes to become the saviors that the public is looking for. 

Now more than ever, customers are searching for corporations that align with their visions, beliefs, and values. They want to support the brands and services of those that support others. People want to feel as if they are a part of something bigger than themselves, and one way they can do that is through the influence that they have on both large and small corporations.

Corporate Giving Takes Many Forms

Giving back to the community takes many forms. Whether from corporations such as PwC, with the resources to set up a portfolio for their thousands of employees to use for good, or from local businesses like this one in New Jersey whose free time is spent providing free meals to those who cannot afford basic nutrition, the goal is still the same.

Big or small, in this new age of need for community involvement and support, companies must take a step back and rethink about how they are supporting all of their stakeholders. From a baby who is impacted by a local shop’s air pollution to a high-stake investor who relies on the company’s influx of revenue, these individuals are all impacted by what companies choose to do with their profits and services. Today, philanthropy is more than simply writing a check, but rather it is active participation in the effort to promote positive change in the world. There are so many companies who have already begun their own personal missions of corporate philanthropy, and with your business’s help, we can be one step closer towards these solutions. offers the strong first step in this process, whose mission is to help companies give back to their community. We do this by providing an affordable platform that helps businesses manage their corporate philanthropy programs with three key features. These features are workplace giving (regular donations), in-kind donations (donations of products or services), and volunteer time off (VTO) for employees. Our platform aims at building a stronger, more unified community through the power of philanthropy.

Together, we can achieve change. It’s just a matter of putting words to action. Let’s start that action today. Please reach out to [email protected] for any questions around your corporate philanthropy initiatives.