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Wanting to Donate Your Goods or Services? In-Kind Contributions & How to Give

In a world more connected than ever, businesses are looking to give back to their communities in a wide variety of ways. Now, your business can offer its goods or services as donations directly to the non-profits of your choice. Whether you’re a law firm looking to provide professional services pro-bono, or a retail store with unsellable inventory, these types of in-kind contributions can be a more effective form of donation for the business and positively impact a non-profit’s cause.

However, as many business owners know, organizing company time and resources towards non-profits and other social good causes can be tedious and time-consuming. With similar difficulty, non-profits face the challenge of successfully reaching out to businesses for support. alleviates these difficulties for both the business and the non-profit. Each company on the platform receives a designated page whereby non-profits and social good organizations can be seamlessly directed.’s services do not stop there; once the donation is registered, the site actively manages the distribution of your contributions from start to finish. Your business can oversee all the transactions on your page, with the platform accurately tracking its generosity, donations, and volunteers along the way. You can even manage your applications and schedule pick-ups at your convenience to ensure the right hands access your contributions. Notifications can also be enabled to track progress and let you know when your donations are delivered!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started! Once you join, our in-platform search conveniently finds local and national opportunities using your business’s location, skills, time, and more, allowing you to make the most meaningful impact with your contributions.