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Tracking Pledge 1% via Selflessly

This is the third part in our series of Pledge 1%! Our first article looked at the pledge and discussed the four options a company can pledge. The second article got into what happens after your pledge and how to involve all of your employees in the pledge

We know you may be the People or Culture Leader within your team. You might have a team of 75 in one location, or you may also have 500+ employees in 10+ locations! No matter how big or small your team is, it can be challenging to inspire each employee to get involved. With Selflessly, we can help encourage that, with gentle nudges and an easy-to-use dashboard.

We love supporting the choice to participate in Pledge 1% or any other forms of corporate philanthropy. That choice alone should inspire the best in every employee at your business. Yet, when one person suddenly has to take on lots more work to set up a giving and volunteer management framework or strategy, with or without help, that’s extra tough! And that’s exactly why—and how—we want to help.

Now, you may be wondering when the right time is to implement a giving & volunteer management software. Well, you ultimately get to decide! Pledge 1% mentions once you have more than 50 employees, you may want to consider options, as software will  definitely help to save you time, increase employee participation, and track your company’s giving.

In this post, we’ll help you understand what to look for in a giving & volunteer management software, and then highlight a few unique ways in which Selflessly can help you track your pledge.

How Do I Choose a Giving & Volunteer Management System?

What’s most important is finding a system that will let your employees donate to and volunteer with organizations they are passionate about. Employees want a culture of purpose and you are helping to create that!

A great giving & volunteer management system is one that fits your list of needs and requirements, with features like:

  • Simple & engaging employee dashboards
  • Transparent, real-time reporting that easily translates to action
  • Centralization of pictures & data for your team’s Annual Social Impact Report
  • Efficient volunteer management to match employees with opportunities and track their hours
  • An employee giving portal to allow employees to donate to causes they care about
  • An engaging platform that creates a community within your culture
  • Dedicated ongoing support to make the platform work for you long-term
  • Fast and easy software implementation 

Selflessly has developed our platform with all these features and more, to make tracking and reporting an asset to purpose-driven brands, and not a barrier. Let’s take a closer look…

How do I find volunteer work in my area?

There are many ways to find volunteer opportunities in your area. For example, on VolunteerMatch’s website, you can simply enter a city name or zip code to find a list of opportunities. Various filters can be applied to the results, to find in-person or virtual opportunities, or opportunities that use specific skills or serve certain causes. You can also just browse the list if you’re not quite sure what you might be into.

Tracking Company Giving!

Any company donation can easily be tracked in Selflessly. Connect your company credit card to Stripe and easily donate through our software, which is automatically tracked. Or, feel free to upload a receipt via Quickbooks or Concur and see your donation tracked. 

Year over year, then, you can see how much money your company has donated—and celebrate accordingly! 

Tracking Volunteer Hours and Employee Donations!

Selflessly can help automate your employee benefits and easily track employee participation. too. Whether you have provided employees with volunteering or donation benefits, we can help with tracking. Imagine having visibility into employees’ volunteer hours or matching donations…

  • 8 Hours of Volunteer Time Off
  • $25 in a Volunteer Grant
  • $100 of Matching Donations

Selflessly can even help find volunteer work in your area through our nonprofit partnerships that provide 50,000+ volunteer opportunities across the USA, and even more throughout the world!

Tracking In-Kind Donations!

Selflessly can also track in-kind donations—whether we’re talking about a software or product donation, or tracking a special discount you’re providing toward specific products or services. You can even have a nonprofit apply for an in-kind donation, all through Selflessly!

Tracking Equity!

While equity pledging and tracking isn’t quite incorporated into the platform yet, we’d love for you to add this to Selflessly as a beta customer to try it out! Whether you’re interested in pledging company or personal equity (or a combination of the two), we do have the framework in place for equity tracking. Now, we just need the right partner. Is it you?

Celebrate Your Team & Let Selflessly Help in the Background

You’re awesome for creating a corporate philanthropy program! Even if you’re just thinking about starting a program, you’re still awesome! Your business is truly awesome for supporting employees in this way—and for making philanthropy a piece of your company’s culture that they can take pride in. 

Don’t let the sometimes-overwhelming work of program management compromise this awesome feeling…that’s exactly why we’re here!

Your brand can stand out as a leader in your community and industry by joining other companies with volunteer incentive programs. This allows you to live and work in better alignment with your values, and build the employee and customer loyalty that will sustain your business long-term. If you want an all-inclusive platform that helps you connect your mission and vision with reality, give Selflessly a call. We will donate $25 to a charity of your choice, as a thank-you for the conversation—and we’ll throw in a free product demo, too.

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