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Indianapolis, IN: Selflessly announces the acquisition of a community engagement platform, Employee Vitals. The software enhances the core Selflessly platform with thought leadership, corporate social responsibility education and philanthropic personalization for users. Employee Vitals was designed to boost internal culture by helping a company celebrate “social impact personality types” and further empower employee philanthropic engagement.

“Our goal has been to break down the barriers of strategic giving and to give employees choice on how they want to create impact. Now, we can give our partners and their employees unique tools to really ‘own’ their impact and lean into how they can continue to contribute in an inclusive way. Think of it like the Meyers Briggs of philanthropy and the data that is created through the tool adds a new dimension of a company and employee’s role in corporate citizenship.” said Josh Driver, CEO, Selflessly.  “It’s an honor to work with well-known thought leaders in our space to stop the growing divide in the corporate philanthropy space.”

Employee Vitals was founded in 2018 in response to increasing requests from community engagement professionals and human resources executives for a simple, uplifting tool that not only better connects employees to the company’s charitable giving and volunteering programs, but also positively reinforces the ways each individual employee chooses to give back to favorite causes.

“We are excited about the addition of Employee Vitals to the Selflessly offering,” said Ann-Marie Harrington, Employee Vitals co-founder. “Selflessly–already a powerful engagement tool in its own right–will now do even more to enhance both corporate and employee satisfaction with workplace giving programs.”

Laura McKnight, Employee Vitals co-founder, added, “We’re gratified and honored that Selflessly will continue to make this content available to high-performing teams in workplaces where making a difference is a priority.”

Selflessly will begin rolling out the new platform with their corporate partners later this month and a more robust integration coming this summer.

About Selflessly, Inc. is an all-in-one corporate social responsibility platform that provides a virtual foundation for companies of all sizes to demonstrate their social responsibility through channels of volunteering, monetary donations & contributed in-kind products/services. is a certified LGBT Business Enterprise and Indiana’s first dual-certified domestic benefit corporation and B Corp. Our mission is to reshape corporate culture through technology that helps companies contribute to making their communities a better place. Learn more at

About Employee Vitals

Employee Vitals, co-founded in 2018 by Ann-Marie Harrington and Laura McKnight, provides tools and resources to help companies celebrate employees’ individual “social impact personality types” to increase workplace engagement and involvement in corporate social responsibility programs. In 1998, Ann-Marie founded Embolden, a digital communication firm acquired by Crown Philanthropic Solutions in 2014. Ann-Marie currently serves on several boards of directors, including the Rhode Island Foundation and Bryant University, and advises high-growth tech startups. Laura McKnight began her career as an estate planning and tax attorney at Spencer Fane in Kansas City, served as president and CEO of the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation, served as CEO of Crown Philanthropic Solutions until it was acquired by RenPSG, and currently serves as director of practice development at Creative Planning, LLC in Overland Park, Kansas.