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Rotary Press Release 9.1.2020

INDIANAPOLIS: Indianapolis will flex its philanthropic muscles for Indy Do Day (https:// a bit differently this year. Originally scheduled for September 24-27th, this year’s event is transitioning to a new approach. To meet the growing challenges faced by central Indiana’s nonprofits, Rotary Club of Indianapolis is launching an innovative new partnership with ( for a year- round philanthropy platform called Be Selfless Indy.

“This innovative partnership will allow us to reimagine Indy Do Day as something bigger and better while reinforcing our place as the most civically-engaged city in the country,” shares Nick Reich, President, Rotary Club of Indianapolis. “Our Indy Do Day team, led by Zack Conner (of Conner Insurance), has worked hard to create alternative solutions for area nonprofits through our organization.”

“ is dedicated to investing in our community. Our technology and platform partners understand the gravity of the situation for all nonprofit organizations who utilize Indy Do Day for volunteer and donor engagement,” says Joshua Driver, co-founder of “We are honored to work with Indy Do Day, facilitating impactful opportunities during these uncertain times.”

Indy Do Day will continue to focus on one weekend per year for large-scale events, and continue the year-round philanthropic efforts throughout the year via their partnership with

The challenges imposed by the pandemic upon the City and thousands of area nonprofits is being met with creative solutions. This announcement comes as Indy civic organizations are collaborating to deepen engagement and connect potential volunteers and leaders to opportunities throughout the city. The philanthropic organizations, IndyHub and Leadership Indianapolis, have also transformed their annual gatherings to provide a suite of robust – and virtual – experiences that showcase ways in which residents can make a difference. Throughout September, IndyHub’s IndyVolved 15 presented by Indianapolis Power & Light Company will spotlight more than 100 nonprofits, convene conversations around the issues facing our city, and channel young leaders into roles of impact.

In October, Leadership Indianapolis will launch a month-long expansion of Get On Board. Participants will take part in workshops that help strengthen organizations and prepare individuals to serve in meaningful ways throughout our city. Participants will have a chance to listen in on conversations with leaders as they reflect on their own experiences of serving nonprofit organizations and share their advice for those looking to get more involved in the city, providing resources that connect participants with nonprofits that need volunteer leaders in the coming year. and it’s platform partner, Inspiring Service ( are providing ongoing technical support and unique features to drive greater integration with nonprofits and purpose-driven volunteers.

If you are interested in participating in Indy Do Day as a nonprofit, company, or volunteer – register at to learn more and get notified when the site officially launches later this month (in September).
There is no shortage of opportunities for Indianapolis area do-gooders!

About Rotary Club of Indianapolis

The Rotary Club of Indianapolis supports its community by creating volunteer opportunities that connect local professionals with their city’s most pressing needs. This civic-minded approach to business helps professionals link their skills to philanthropic endeavors that shape them into more well-rounded leaders and help make Indianapolis a stronger community.

About provides a virtual foundation platform for companies of all sizes to demonstrate their social responsibility through channels of volunteering, monetary donations and contributed in-kind products/services. is a certified LGBT Business Enterprise and Indiana’s first dual-certified domestic benefit corporation and B Corp. Our mission is to reshape corporate culture through technology that helps companies contribute to making their communities a better place. Learn more at https://

About IndyHub

IndyHub works to grow, engage and empower a community of 20- and 30-somethings who are meaningfully connected to Indianapolis and invested in its future. For the new arrivals to our city, IndyHub provides social experiences and opportunities to explore a new home. For the individual looking to get more plugged in, we offer educational programming and access to volunteerism and service. And for the emerging leader, our

programs help hone skills, increase focus and channel participants to the places where they can increase their impact.

About Leadership Indianapolis

The mission of Leadership Indianapolis is to educate, inspire, connect, and mobilize community leaders to serve and strengthen greater Indianapolis. We convene people with diverse points of view and lived experience in an environment that encourages authentic conversation and builds connections, thus assuring a diverse and robust pipeline of individuals is prepared for increasing levels of civic engagement and transformative influence. We believe in the importance of civic leaders who collaborate for the greater good.

additional quotes:

“Indy’s nonprofits are facing challenging times right now. It is important for us to create as many opportunities as possible for new people to engage in community leadership and for seasoned community leaders to recommit to their stewardship of the city. Indy needs all of us,” says Rebecca Hutton, President & CEO, Leadership Indianapolis. “Through efforts like Get on Board, IndyVolved, and Indy Do Day, people have numerous opportunities to find the right civic fit for them.”

“This pandemic has dealt an incredibly challenging blow to our civic ecosystem, making it harder for nonprofits to fundraise, recruit volunteers and – most importantly – carry out their work. What we are seeing as a response is a fierce commitment by organizations like IndyHub, Leadership Indianapolis, Rotary Club of Indianapolis and to rethink our approaches, put a laser focus on solving these problems, and activate our most powerful asset – our people,” adds Blake Johnson, President, IndyHub.

“Inspiring Service is pleased to bring our portfolio of platforms and services to Indianapolis and eventually to the entire state of Indiana,” said Craig Young, who founded the nonprofit organization that now connects the public to what nonprofits need now in some 30 communities across 10 states. “We’re united in values with many Indianapolis stakeholders, from to Indianapolis Rotary to IndyHub to Leadership Indianapolis and to the hundreds of nonprofits we seek to connect to the Hoosiers who want to help.”

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