Volunteer Time Off (VTO)

Volunteer Time Off (VTO)

You’ve tried to manage 100 employees wanting to each volunteer with the causes they care about. The problem? That’s 100 different locations at 100 different times throughout the year. You know, it’s tough! Let us help you save time. Then you can spend more time saving the world vs. tracking and recording on your spreadsheets and Google Forms.

Create Group Volunteer Events

Interactions in volunteer events are real and create lasting bonds for your team. Help your team create its own Warmglow!

Create groups within your organization and challenge each other to create lasting and skills-based impact.

Find Local or National Volunteer Opportunities

Selfless.ly is proud to partner with Volunteer Match to pipe in over 60,000 opportunities across the US!

Remote team? No problem! Need virtual opportunities – we got it!


Log and Track Impact Through Volunteering

Easy reporting on all your volunteering? Finding the top causes your employees care about?

Selfless.ly has it all for you. Connect your employees with your company mission & values. Build stronger teams.

Make Impact Inclusive for Your Team!

Empower employees to make impact – in their own way!