Virtual Giveback

Nonprofit Sustainability Support Services

Helping Indiana nonprofits continue to thrive during these unknown economic times.


The Virtual Giveback program aims to provide support to Indiana nonprofits that may be facing hardships due to the pandemic.

We believe that pooling resources together and offering a centralized way to share information will be a vital need.

Who Are We?

We are a collective of Indiana-based organizations that work with nonprofits.

What's The Plan?

We have developed an initial strategy to help nonprofits based on our industry experience and feedback.

Before we finalize the rollout, we want to hear from you about what you need and how we can help. Please take our online survey so we provide the right support at the right time.

Nonprofit Resources

Our friends at Charitable Advisors have published a great list of resources that nonprofits can take advantage of. 


Questions & Contact Information

Please email us at [email protected] with any questions or ways we can work together.

Beatrice Beverly
Stop the Violence Indy


Remembering our Community

 Thursday, May 21st @ 11:00am EST

This week – Beatrice Beverly, Program and Volunteer Coordinator of Stop the Violence Indy will give us an inspirational talk about our roles within our communities and how we can prepare for our, “new normal”.

Kevin Bailey
Dreamfuel Coaching


Meditation & Self-Care for Nonprofit Heroes

 Thursday, April [email protected] 11:00am EST

This week – Kevin Bailey, CEO of Dreamfuel will lead us in a 15-minute guided meditation and then give us some great ways to practice self-care as nonprofit professionals.


Volunteering During the Pandemic

 Thursday, April [email protected] 11:00am EST

This week – Join Cindy Booth, CEO at Child Advocates & Marc Mcaleavey, Executive Director of Serve Indiana to discuss issues that must be considered when working with volunteers during the Covid-19 Pandemic.