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Sponsorships & Grants

Tracking sponsorships is now easier.

Many times, nonprofits reach out to the wrong channel (your sales team). With your designated page, any team member can direct a nonprofit to see how you support via sponsorships and grants. Save your sales team and the nonprofit’s time. If a nonprofit asks your company for sponsorships, how do they currently connect with you? We give you a designated page to send those looking for sponsorships and grants. The nonprofit can apply knowing they found the right place.

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In-kind donations are often difficult to track.

Build a socially conscious brand with Selflessly’s in-kind contribution features — everything that your company needs to build a corporate culture that inspires the best in everyone.

Products & Services allows you to create a wide variety of ways you can give back. If you build or produce a product – great! Skilled volunteers that could provide services – amazing!


We aren’t just an online form. You can update the status of the product, which is especially helpful if multiple teams are involved in a donation. In addition, you can also manage your applications and schedule pick-ups at your convenience.


You are busy! We get it. If a cause applies, we will let you know via e-mail and in-app messages. No more balls dropped.

Sponsorships & Grants

Want to find grants or sponsorships? Not a problem. If you can donate it, you can manage the entire transaction through our platform. Reporting included!

Approval management with simplicity

Approving grants & sponsorships is easy.

Tracking applications for your brand’s sponsorships and grants is usually just a patchwork of spreadsheets in Excel or Google Sheets. Accounting often has trouble finding them and your staff that manages them can’t find them without searching incessantly. With Selflessly, you can easily approve sponsorships & grants in one easy-to-use interface.

Allow Non-Profits to Apply For Your Sponsorships & Grants

Reporting Always Included

Investing in your brand’s purpose and local community is why Selflessly was founded. We believe in creating purpose-driven brands that give back through their time, talent, and treasure.

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Purpose-driven brands are more successful.

of people say they would purchase from a purpose-driven company*
of millennials want their company to help them get more involved in their communities**
of people believe it’s no longer acceptable for companies to just make money***

Get started with Selflessly today and build your purpose-driven brand.

We’ll send you a request to get a free demo and we’ll also give $25 to a charity of your choice, just for talking to us.

Giving Management

Purposeful Reporting

Volunteer Management

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