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Easily launch a program with less than 30 min. / week!

Build your purpose-driven brand today.

Employees love when a company provides a centralized place to get involved and give back.  Easily launch our inclusive & engaging solution on your timeline. We can move as fast as you’d like!

Selflessly for
SMB Teams

Affordable for 5 employees or 505! Perfect for small & medium businesses that want the best combination of affordable and easy to use.

Selflessly for

Perfect for all Certified B-Corps. We’re grateful for your focus on Profit & Purpose, so we like to show our love to you! Discounts available with your B Corp certification.

Selflessly for

As your team grows, we’ve got you. We can scale and integrate as you need! We want your launch to be simple, fast, and fun.

Employee Vitals Consultation

Take the first step in developing a corporate philanthropy program with real employee feedback. 20% Discount available with your Selflessly Contract

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