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Do Good, Feel Better

A “How To” Guide for Understanding Social Impact Culture Type in Your Workplace

Ebook Do Good Feel Better

Get your free copy of the easy-to-read Do Good, Feel Better book to quickly inform your community engagement strategy and get ideas for engaging your talented team.

Activator, Investor, or Connector?

When you know your company’s Social Impact Culture Type, you can be more intentional about how you grow, tweak, and build your community engagement program.

Selflessly has combined efforts with Laura Wells McKnight and Ann-Marie Harrington to offer our community access to Do Good, Feel Better. In her book, Laura Wells McKnight, a leading expert on the connection between philanthropy and positive psychology, draws upon years of research on “Social Impact Personality Type”— aka your unique approach to “doing good”— and its influence on behavior at home and in the workplace. By exploring the 10 Ways to Do Good, she offers the formula for individuals and workplace leaders to leverage their passions for doing good to make a stronger impact in the lives of others and feel incredible doing it.

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