Workplace Giving

Giving & Matching Donations

We believe in the power of community. When employees volunteer and give their time to organizations they are passionate about it resonates and becomes contagious. That ripple effect if felt from the office and beyond. Let your employees feel empowered knowing they are doing good and making a difference.


Donate to any of the 1,700,000 US Nonprofits with just a "click"!

Employees want transparency and a voice in their giving. She loves the environment, he supports education, and you want to support medical research. With, you can each support your favorite!

Our system allows you and your employees to select a nonprofit based on cause type, location, keywords, and more! Support amazing national charities, or give to the hyper-local grassroots campaigns – all from one platform.

Automated and Seamless Company Matches

MILLIONS of dollars in matching funds go undistributed each year from companies to charities. 

We have taken the manual process of approvals, uploads, and workflows and automated it to increase the contributions your team makes.

Save time evaluating each nonprofit and accounting for different processes. We’ll save you a ton of time and give you everything you need – right at your fingertips.



Centralized Giving History

Keep all of your great impact (as a company and as an individual) in one system. At the end of the year, export your giving history into a CSV and send it to your accountant or into your software for tax time. Even better – tell the world about how you created change using your change.  No more searching through your email to find your receipts.

Connect with your employees through kindness!

Maximize your company’s impact and save time!