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How to Help the People of Ukraine

Like you, we are all watching the situation unfold in Ukraine. As people have asked how to help the people of Ukraine, we have collected several organizations that are delivering needed support as we speak.


How You Can Help

  • DONATE — Pick from the organizations below or do your own research on what charities are working to help those affected.
  • VOLUNTEER — Build care packages, donate goods, or be on standby to support, even virtually.
  • SPREAD THE WORD — Forward an email, share a link, or promote to your network through your social media. Share the organizations below or others you find.
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Red Cross of Ukraine — Link to Donate

The main aim of the Society’s activity is to ensure human life protection, prevention and mitigation of human suffering during armed conflicts, natural disasters, catastrophes and accidents, support to medical services of the armed forces and public healthcare services, assist public authorities of Ukraine in their activities in the humanitarian field.

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Revived Soldiers Ukraine – Link to Donate / Support

Provides medical aid and sustainable living standards to soldiers of Ukraine and members of their families as well as to those people who suffered and were affected by military conflict.


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Nova Ukraine – Link to Donate / Support

NovaUkraine collecting clothes, shoes and household items to ship in a container to Ukraine.


Additional Ideas?
Feel free to share this link on How to Help the People of Ukraine, or send us a note with additional ideas and ways to support. You can reach us on chat at Selflessly or send an email to [email protected].
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