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Everything you need to create, manage, track, and accelerate your company's social impact.

Employees and consumers are demanding more support from for-profit companies. We have taken the pain out of managing corporate social responsibility and allow our customers to focus on giving back.

Workplace Giving

Volunteer Time Off

Impact Reporting

In-Kind & Grant Distribution

Social Impact Matters

0 %
of Consumers

would pay a premium to purchase  from a company that is making a larger social impact

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of Job Seekers

are actively seeking employment with a socially conscious company.

0 %
of Current Employees

feel their employers behave ethically in making business decisions

Manage Your Volunteer Time Off

Easily set up volunteer hours and provide employees choice of where they would like to volunteer. By tracking, you can understand which causes employees care about

Set Up Group Volunteer Events

Connecting with your employees through causes they Care about is so important to a successful social impact program.

Easily Match Employee Donations

Whether matching dollars donated or providing grants, easily manage your workplace dollars and donations

Find New Nonprofits in Your Area

With our local nonprofit highlight, empower your employees to find causes they care about. Already connected to nonprofits? Great! Connect them to our community!

Create Friendly Competition

Enjoy creating inter-company rivalries when supportingYour nonprofit. Even if you lose, your nonprofit wins!

Your Company CAN Create Significant Impact.

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The platform not only supports an employee’s choice for volunteering, but also provides a means to track contributions, taking the burden of tracking off of any one individual in the organization. With minimal administrative oversight, the platform greatly simplifies the process of offering and tracking volunteer time off.

Christine McDonnell
Co-Founder & CEO - Codelicious