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Give back Selflessly.

A Corporate Social Responsibility Platform that allows you to track, coordinate, and celebrate your philanthropy throughout the year. Selflessly helps small and medium-sized businesses develop a purpose-driven culture through giving and volunteering

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Maximize Your Corporate Social Responsibility

Giving Selflessly is easy with all-inclusive features that helps your organization create a purpose-driven culture.

Build a socially conscious brand with Selflessly’s unique, all-in-one features — everything that your company needs to build a corporate culture that inspires the best in everyone.

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Giving Made Easy

Save time with Selflessly’s giving platform and its ability to instantaneously track donations, provide matching capabilities, and make giving management easier.

With Simplicity

With thousands of volunteer opportunities, even virtual opportunities, Selflessly’s platform makes it easy for your employees to navigate to a purpose-driven cause.


Selflessly allows instantaneous access to your company’s giving through unique backend reporting tools that show how your company spent its time driving purpose.

Employee & Customer

Selflessly believes that small actions inspire big changes. Our platform helps engage your employees in meaningful ways, even virtually, creating a powerful internal & external culture. 

Purposeful Reporting

Connecting your purpose has never been more important.

Purpose-driven reporting allows you to not only engage with your employees but to create deeper brand loyalty. Your customers and your employees are looking to your brand to be a leader in your industry but also in your community. Connecting your community to your purpose is not only a tangible ROI, but it helps provide and foster a culture of giving back.

An easy to access dashboard and reporting allows you to see your brand's impact in real time.

Quick, actionable items are available for all team members to see instantly.

Two-click employee donations

The power of community.

Selflessly makes it easy for employees to discover aligned charities, donate on demand, track their contributions, and even prepare for tax season. Employees report feeling empowered when they give back. They desire giving to be easy. And, they feel grateful when giving programs are provided by their workplace.

Simplified Volunteer Management

Activate generosity through volunteering.

Selflessly allows teams and individuals to find local and virtual volunteering opportunities across the VolunteerMatch database. Volunteering fosters opportunities for employees to use their business skills directly towards causes they care about or stretch and grow through new experiences.

Seamless matching

Run your Matching program with ease.

Matching employee gifts is a simple process and happens in a few clicks. Our verified database removes time-intensive research processes. In addition, a centralized giving history makes tax time enjoyable – okay perhaps nothing can do that – but it sure is easier.

Holistic impact reporting

Powerful insights and actionable data in one location.

We brought all corporate responsibility programs into one powerful platform which means you can spend less time bridging data sets, and way more time designing the powerful culture programs that boost employee engagement, retention, meaning and growth. From real-time reporting dashboard to matching tracking we provide the reporting you need to create a transformational culture of giving.

Connecting with Employees

Align Your Purpose.

When employees feel supported & aligned purpose, the benefits expand to include stronger employee engagement, heightened loyalty, and a greater willingness to recommend the company. You know employees want meaning in their work. It’s important to find deeper connections with them. We can help!

Get to know Selflessly.

Explore how Selflessly can help you with your philanthropic goals. We guarantee good vibes and giving back.

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Purpose-driven brands are more successful.

of people say they would purchase from a purpose-driven company*
of millennials want their company to help them get more involved in their communities**
of people believe it’s no longer acceptable for companies to just make money***
We do the heavy lifting

Fast implementation.
Simple pricing.

Employees love a centralized place to get involved and give back. Our dedicated team will work with you to make sure pricing fits your needs. Plus, you’ll receive ongoing support forever! We want you and your team to be successful in helping others.

Selflessly for Business

Affordable for 5 employees or 505! Perfect for small & medium businesses that want the best combination of affordable & easy to use.

Selflessly for

Perfect for all Certified B-Corps. We’re grateful for your focus on Profit & Purpose, so we like to show our love to you! Discounts available with your B Corp certification.

Selflessly for Enterprise

As your team grows, we’ve got you. We can scale and integrate as you need! Our dedicated team will work with you to make sure pricing fits your needs

Employee Vitals Consultation

Take the first step in developing a corporate philanthropy program with real employee feedback. 20% Discount available with your Selflessly Contract

Get started with Selflessly today and build your purpose-driven brand.

We’ll send you a request to get a free demo and we’ll also give $25 to a charity of your choice, just for talking to us.

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Purposeful Reporting

Volunteer Management

Matching Gifts

Employee Vitals

Employee Engagement

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