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Building Community Relations: Steps of In-Kind Donations

There are many ways for companies to give back to nonprofits. While writing a check may be easy for some, it is not always the most impactful. In-kind donations allows you to connect with an organization helping their specific needs. By giving back to local nonprofits it allows you to make a social and economic impact that goes far beyond a monetary donation. 

There are a vast amount of easy to donate; however, there are two types of donations. Tangible goods such as equipment, books, cars, clothing, and even office supplies. There are even intangible goods such as advertising, patents, and copyrights. In-kind contributions can be an important source of nonprofit revenue, especially during times of economic recession. 

Here are our top three ways your company can make a difference!

TIME: The saying “time is money” goes a long way when you are volunteering your time with a nonprofit. They tend to already be short staffed and work nonstop. When a group of helping hands come to assist they are more than happy.

GOODS: Companies can have a major impact on nonprofits by donating items such as computers, software, furniture or other office equipment. Providing essential office items to nonprofits can propel them forward and allow them to continue their amazing work. 

SERVICES: Does your office have a meeting space that you can offer up? How about administrative, marketing, or financial advice? There are many ways you can help local nonprofits out. If you specialize in a field your expertise and guidance means the world to nonprofits who may not have the funds to spend on such needs. Your company will be able to create a bond and partnership with nonprofits that will elevate your presence and brand in the community. 

Now that you have some ideas running through your head, where do you begin? We suggest starting local. There are many nonprofits in your backyard that need your help. Get your feet wet by supporting those in your own community and building brand recognition and loyalty with them. Even though you may not sell something or provide a service to them, the act of doing good reaps an unknown potential. 

Take a look at your company’s mission. What does it say about who you are? Find a nonprofit that aligns with your mission and establish that relationship as you build a sense of community and purpose. We know businesses are in it to make a profit, but partnering up will open the door to other potential people and organizations you can impact you may not know of. 

Now that you know how your company can give back and you selected your nonprofit to support, Selflessly is here to guide you to the finish line. Many times, nonprofits reach out to the wrong audience, such as your sales team, for donations. We will work with you to direct requests to the decisions maker saving your sales team and nonprofit’s time. As we said, “time is money”. Learn more about how we can customize your reach with in-kind donations, here.

So let’s get started on ramping up your in-kind donation program. We make it easy! Reach out and we can get you started immediately. (Insert button with this link,