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Author: Martha Freeman

Employee VTO

The Best Way to Offer Employee VTO

Employee VTO aka Employee Volunteer Time Off has been around for some time. Teams have been including this social impact benefit of volunteer time off to engage employees.  Employees love having these days mentioned in interviews when selecting a new job. To ensure you’re up

Corporate Purpose for employees

What is Corporate Purpose?

Recently, I’ve been contemplating the following question: what is corporate purpose? During this time, I caught up with a friend and former colleague, and we were discussing employee engagement. He used the term “seismic shift.” That really stayed with me. When I think about what seismic

Why is CSR important?

Why is Corporate Social Responsibility Important in 2022?

Why is Corporate Social Responsibility Important in 2022? Key drivers range from The Great Resignation with changing employee demographics, to purpose in the workplace & remote teammates. Now is this time to ensure your team has the right CSR plan in place. Everyone knows that

Breathing New Life into Corporate Philanthropy

If there’s one thing we think most people can agree on, it’s that philanthropy is a good thing! Not only does it help the communities around us (and that’s about as big a benefit as there is!), it offers the companies that embrace it a

Tracking Pledge 1% via Selflessly

This is the third part in our series of Pledge 1%! Our first article looked at the pledge and discussed the four options a company can pledge. The second article got into what happens after your pledge and how to involve all of your employees

Pledge 1%: You’ve taken the pledge, now what?

First of all, committing to Pledge 1% is fantastic!  You’ve built up internal buy-in, and your team has signed up! You’ve decided to pledge some combination of the four; 1% of time, 1% of profit, 1% of product, or 1% of equity. But what happens

Pledge 1%: What is it & How to take the Pledge

How much time does it take to make an impact? How much time does it take to change the world?  How about 5 minutes? Or perhaps an average of 5 minutes per day? Seems pretty low, but what if we did this collectively? 5 minutes

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